Blood Moon Pictures
Project Description

Blood Moon Pictures was founded in 2015 by co-owners Eric Huskisson and P.J. Starks. The two first met during a Zombie Night event at a venue Starks created for the Daviess County Public Library called Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience. They immediately hit it off and became friends where they began working together on various projects such as the short horror film Lucky, Project Deathpack that Starks was directing for the radio station WBKR and an event PSA that benefitted St. Jude Children’s Hospital. In 2014, they worked together on the feature film Volumes of Blood, where Huskisson was Prop Manager and Starks served as a writer/director/producer. Their next endeavor was the wildly popular fan film The Confession of Fred Krueger where Starks served as Producer and Huskisson as Co-Producer. Due to the success of Volumes of Blood, they combined forces to create BMP in order to both serve as producers for the loosely based sequel titled Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories.

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